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“Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” (Albert Einstein).
The world depends on energy to provide for all humankind activities.

Whether energy is produced from biofuels, fossil fuels, solar or wind, MXB can provide clients with insurance to manage their risks in exploration, production, storage and transportation of energy.

MXB works with third parties that can provide risk management for review of exploration and drilling risks as well as management of drilling plans and wells out of control.




Upstream (E&P)

  • Exploration / Drilling and Operations (Physical damage, loss of control of well, contamination).


  • Transportation (by pipeline, rail, barge, oil tanker or truck), storage, and wholesale marketing of crude or refined petroleum products.


  • Refining of petroleum crude oil and the processing and purifying of raw natural gas, as well as the marketing and distribution of products derived from crude oil and natural gas.